Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DR Marketing Group Features Millennium Ultimate Lock

DR Marketing Group: There's a kick-in burglary in America every five and a half seconds.  Budget cuts are forcing police departments to make painful lay-off decisions.  The result is fewer officers on the streets keeping us safe.  Is there anything that you can do to protect your family?  Everyday people spend thousands of dollars on home security devices, but now there's an easy, effective way to help keep your family safe.  It's called the ultimate lock, the ultimate choice in home security.

DR Marketing Group: For the next 30 minutes, we're going to put the ultimate lock to the test, subjecting it to a pounding no deadbolt should be able to stop.  Plus, you'll learn how you can have this protection in your home risk-free for 45 days.  When it comes to security, you'll see why nothing compares. This isn't any lock.  This is the ultimate lock.

Brian Fasulo: I have one question for you, how often do you worry about your family? I know when I'm at work, the thought will pop into my head, so I'll just call home just to check in and see how everybody is doing. And when I travel? Forget it. I will call 2, 3, even 4 times a day just to check in and make sure everyone is ok. But how can you be sure that your family is safe? I'm Brian Fasulo and joining me today is law enforcement officer and home security expert Ron Daniels. Ron, thanks for taking the time to join us here today.

Ron Daniels: Well, thank you, Brian, for inviting me. I appreciate that.

Brian Fasulo: Well, Ron, before we introduce the ultimate in home defense, why don't you give us a brief history about your home security background?

Ron Daniels: Be glad to, Brian. Basically I have over 13 years of law enforcement experience on the streets of Texas.  I am very passionate about home security and I wanted to make sure that people were safe in their own homes. That sense of being able to protect the family is just so important. I know that my wife and I couldn't sleep if we didn't know our family was safe. Plus with budget cuts, layoffs, and all the different things that people are experiencing today, there just is not enough opportunity for enough officers to be around. The officer ratio is actually one of every 1400 people. Can you believe that?

Brian Fasulo: And that puts more responsibility on the homeowner to take whatever steps necessary to protect their family.

Ron Daniels: Brian, the problem is that there hasn't been a solution out there to be able to protect the home, okay, until now.

Brian Fasulo: And that is the ultimate lock system, and Ron, I've seen the ultimate lock in action. And today we're going to show you the viewers at home how ultimate this lock really is.

DR Marketing Group: The ultimate lock is a complete self-contained security system.  Thousands of hours of research and development have yielded a lock that can turn your average door into a virtually impenetrable fortress.  The ultimate lock strengthens your existing door frame with a specially engineered strike plate.  It can resist extreme force and helps eliminate a common deadbolt failure point: a weak door frame.

DR Marketing Group: It uses dual angle screw technology that penetrates deep into your home's frame, leveraging the strength of the entire wall system instead of just the door jam.  The ultimate lock is like having 2 locks in 1, a traditional mortise deadbolt and a hardened rim deadbolt.  When combined they help the ultimate lock resist up to 4000 pounds of force.  That's 10 times what a standard deadbolt can handle.  Where most locks only offer a 2 pin tumbler, the ultimate lock offers a 6 pin tumbler.  This makes the ultimate lock practically impossible to pick or bump.  Plus, the patented lock-out feature renders any key useless.  With the push of a button, no one is getting in, even if they have the right key.  All these features work together to offer protection no regular deadbolt can match.  This isn't just any lock, this is the ultimate lock.

Real Person: My wife was at home sitting on the couch in the living room and I was gone. When she was sitting on the couch she heard 2 loud noises... (Knock, knock) ... back to back.

Real Person: That's when I knew that somebody was trying to break in. I took the baby into another bedroom. First, they tried to bump-key it. You can see the scratches around here. They tried to get in, they cannot get in with the bump key. That saved it the first time. Then they tried to kick it in. If it wasn't for the lock I don't think...I really think they would have made it in.

Real Person: The next day we found out there was 4 burglaries right down the street. They got into all 4 homes. They did not get into our house.  I couldn't put a dollar amount on the Ultimate Lock.  Again, I do not worry about the valuables in my home, I worry about my family. For the safety of your family everybody should have the ultimate lock.

Brian Fasulo: Now that you've heard from real ultimate lock users, it's time for a little demonstration.  So, Ron, what do you have here for us?

Ron Daniels: All we have is an ordinary door with an ordinary frame with, of course, a deadbolt lock that you would buy at a national hardware store.

Brian Fasulo: Now, what do you have here?

Ron Daniels: This is a 25 pound battering ram. Basically, we use this in law enforcement to be able to get in to houses that we need to get in to. And this is to simulate what actually happens when a person tries to kick down the door. Okay, so we've got a big strong guy over here, Mark, grab this battering ram and let's see how long it takes to get in the door without the Ultimate Lock system.  Come on over this way.


Brian Fasulo: Wow! He broke right through the door like it was nothing, one hit and he was in.

Ron Daniels: That's exactly correct, Brian, and that's how easy it is for a burglar to break in and break in to your home.


Brian Fasulo: That's a little bit scary, isn't it? To think that one kick and someone could be inside your home in just a second.

Ron Daniels: That's correct, Brian.  All it takes is one second to get inside your family's home. That's right, we have now a different door, a different lock and a different set-up.  They say that these are "professional grade".  They're, of course, more expensive.  But let's see how it holds up to the battering ram.


Brian Fasulo: Whoa, that lock didn't hold anything, he blew right through that is just a second.

Ron Daniels: And that's "professional grade" protection, which is how much protection?

Brian Fasulo: Zero.

Ron Daniels: That's right, zero.  Is that what you want from your professional grade lock?


Brian Fasulo: Well, now we've come to what we're really here to see.  The battering ram against the Ultimate Lock.  Ron, are you nervous?

Ron Daniels: Not in the least bit because we know what the ultimate lock can do, and now you will see yourself. Well, let's step back and let everyone see as Mark hits it with the battering ram.




(Bang, Bam, Bang).

Brian Fasulo: Whoa, whoa, thank you, Mark, thank you, thank you.  A strong man with a battering ram and the Ultimate Lock held the door shut.

Ron Daniels: That's exactly right, Brian.  These are the results.

Brian Fasulo: That was unbelievable; I still have got the shakes from watching that battering ram go in to there.

(Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang).

DR Marketing Group: Did you know that bad guys can pick your locks in under one minute.  What's even scarier is that it only takes 1.7 seconds for an intruder to kick in your front door.  Don't be a victim.  Protect yourself with the Ultimate in home security, the Ultimate Lock.

DR Marketing Group: There's a kick-in burglary in America every five and a half seconds.  Budgets cuts leave fewer officers on the streets to protect you.  That leaves more of your family's safety in your hands. It might not mean nothing to the thief, but...they'll come in and trash your house up.  It might be kids, might burn it up.

DR Marketing Group: You hear all of those stories where people break in and kill kids and newborns, 1 year-olds, 2 year-olds.  It's like "why"?  They're so innocent, why would you want to hurt them, but people out there just don't have their heart.  You need the Ultimate Lock, that's the only answer to all of these problems.

DR Marketing Group: Don't leave your family at risk.  Protect them with the power of the Ultimate Lock.  All other security devices pale in comparison to the Ultimate Lock. Battering Rams can't break it. Thugs can't kick it. Locksmith's can't pick it.  Your home's not safe without it. The reason is superior design.  It's dual angle screw technology leverages the strength of your home's frame allowing it to withstand 2 tons of force, 10 times more that a standard deadbolt. A 6 pin tumbler makes bumping or picking the lock practically impossible. And don't forget the night lock out feature. Just a press of the button renders any key useless, even a drill and a drimmel couldn't get it open.

DR Marketing Group: The Ultimate Lock offers safety no other security device can offer.  Security systems are complicated and involve long term contracts.  Security cameras are expensive and require constant monitoring.  A traditional deadbolt crumbles during a kick-in, but the Ultimate Lock works where others fall short.  It turns your average front door into a virtually impenetrable fortress.  You could pay thousands for other security devices and long term monitoring contracts.

DR Marketing Group: But if you call now, you can get the Ultimate Lock in your home, risk free for 45 days.  That's right, you can experience the comfort and safety of the Ultimate Lock risk free for 45 days and change the way you think about home security forever.

DR Marketing Group: With these locks on my doors I know that I would be 100% more secure and have peace of mind. But wait.  If you call right now we'll give the first 100 callers a $50 gift certificate toward installation from the lock installation specialists Pop-A-Lock.  Plus, ask how you can save up to 25% off multiple locks and secure every entry point in your home.  Don't wait. The risk-free trial and Pop-A-Lock gift certificate are only available through this special TV offer. Your family's safety and security is priceless. Protect them with the Ultimate Lock. Call now.

DR Marketing Group: Protect your most valuable possessions with the Ultimate Lock, whether it's your family or 7 NBA Championship rings, get the Ultimate Lock, the ultimate in home security. Box out the bad guys. Get the Ultimate Lock today.

Eric Otto: My name is Eric Otto. We own Salice Tacos.  We've been here for 25 years, family owned business and the Ultimate Lock saved us a bunch of money. We had a break-in, they came in and stole a bunch of our goods and they kicked the door. They broke the frame, they broke the deadbolt. The next time we had the Ultimate Lock put in, they came in with a crow bar, they tried to break the door here. They came up to the top here, tried to get in here. They used a saw to try and cut the lock and they couldn't even cut through the lock.  My initial reaction was...I was a little giddy, you know?  I was really happy that all of my stuff was still inside. You just feel violated, you know, they come inside, you don't know what they were doing in here, you don't know what they saw in here. It's a good feeling to know that with  this lock you're protected. The Ultimate Lock definitely works.

DR Marketing Group: Did you know that bad guys can pick your locks in under one minute.  What's even scarier is that it only takes 1.7 seconds for an intruder to kick in your front door.  Don't be a victim.  Protect yourself with the Ultimate in home security, the Ultimate Lock.

DR Marketing Group: There's a kick-in burglary in America every five and a half seconds.  Budgets cuts leave fewer officers on the streets to protect you. That leaves more of your family's safety in your hands. Security is very important for our country and it is also important for our families as individuals.

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